Haley and Ty Dillon

We are excited that the Childress/Dillon family is growing this year! Ty and Haley expect their baby girl to arrive in late November and you can honor their new addition with a gift of $33 to send a child to football safety camp.

When Ty was a kid, he loved riding his dirt bike but had to stop after two serious accidents that luckily weren’t life threatening. He fell while riding and got a very deep cut in his leg that was several inches long when a piece of the dirt bike pierced his leg. Later, he broke both bones in his leg. Thankfully, his doctors were equipped with medical treatments that helped him heal quickly.

His grandparents started the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma in 2008 to help seriously injured kids get the best treatment possible when they need it the most across the U.S. Ty was lucky to live in a place that has great EMS and a high level of medical care available 24 hours a day so that when he was injured as a child, he had a great outcome. Not everyone has that fast access. In the race to save more injured kids, the Institute is helping improve those odds.

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