Freya Whalen

Freya Whalen works as part of an ALS team for a hospital-based 911 service. She assists with community CPR education, including educating kids. If a child knows how and when to activate the emergency 911 system, they can help save a life. She is also passionate about educating local providers on how they can better help with emergencies involving children. Many providers want to avoid thinking about emergencies involving kids, as it is a high stress call, but it is much less so when they are prepared.

The closest level I pediatric trauma center to Freya’s community is a nearly four hour drive away. During transport they must treat and stabilize the injured children. The adult trauma centers do what they can, but in Freya’s experience, some of the pediatric patients need a more specialized hospital to improve their outcomes.

Freya was the 2016 EMS World Expo Childress Scholarship recipient. Learn more about her story.