Concussion Care Fund

A gift to The Concussion Care Fund will help young athletes and their families understand how to play safer and smarter sports.




A priority of the Childress Institute is to fund initiatives to help prevent and treat injuries in youth sports and recreation activities.


Erica Konczal athletic trainer

We believe the best way to do this is to:

  • Share the prevention information we know works
  • Recognize and treat mTBIs quickly to give kids a better chance of a full recovery
  • Discover new and better ways to treat injuries in youth sports, especially concussions and other forms of mTBIs


Heads Up Football_Davie HS_05-16-15_194We fund and manage programs and projects like:

  • Bike safety events, Heads Up Youth Football Clinics and a video that encourages ATV safety
  • Concussion education for athletic trainers, coaches, parents and players
  • Research that seeks to answer pressing questions about concussions in kids


IMG_5295This year we will spend:

  • $50,000 on concussion research in youth athletes
  • $35,000 on concussion education programs for athletic trainers, coaches, parents and players
  • $10,000 on youth football Heads Up clinics
  • Over $1,000 on bike safety events


The Institute relies on philanthropic donations to fund this important work. Its people like you, giving gifts of all sizes that make this work possible.


unnamed (1)Please consider making a gift to support our Concussion Care Fund today. It only takes a few minutes to give online, but the effects of your gift can be felt for a lifetime. When you save a child, you save a childhood, a family, a future. There is no greater return on an investment.


For more information, view our blogs or download our Concussion Facts.