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Play it Safe by Buddy Curry

It’s an interesting time in the world of youth football.  I played football at UNC Chapel Hill and professionally for the Atlanta Falcons. But the game has changed a lot since I’ve played, and coaching and proper tackling techniques need to change to reflect these changes.  I also have had three sons that have now […]

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Athletic Trainers Key for Youth Sports Safety

Many of us watch collegiate and professional football on television – highly trained athletes, running, blocking, and tackling at strengths and speeds that few can imagine. We are all familiar with on-field injury assessment at this level of play: an army of professionals specialized in management of sports injury running out to assess the athlete. […]

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Grace’s Story: 77 Days in ICU

On June 28 I was on my way to the beach with my friend and a woman in a large SUV ran a stop sign and hit my side of the car. The impact was so intense it ripped my door off and crushed the right side of my body. When I regained consciousness, I […]

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Speedskating to Pediatric Trauma Care

John* is a fast 14-year-old that has spent much of his life in a rollerskating rink as a competitive speedskater. His parents drive him about an hour from their home a few times a week to practice and to compete in his sport of choice. John is a great example of a kid that enjoys […]

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Stephanie’s Story: ATV Wreck & Recovery

It was fall of 2005 and my English class had just entered the library for our first free reading period of the school year. As an avid reader this was always my favorite time of the week, because it meant I could read whatever I wanted for an entire 50 minutes of class. I chose […]

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