Youth Sports Research Update

The Childress Institute funds research, education and advocacy to improve pediatric trauma care and reduce injuries for children. A portion of that funding is focused on youth sports and recreation. Back-to-school and the fall sports season is a perfect time to give you an update on our progress.

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EMS Providers Help Save Injured Kids

♥ Are you an EMS Provider? Take our FREE pediatric airway management online course.   We offered a scholarship for a paramedic or EMT to receive registration and a $1,500 travel stipend at the EMS World Expo. The goal was to honor a paramedic or EMT who demonstrates excellence in the performance of emergency medical […]

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Spring Sports Injuries by Jeff Hinshaw

I wanted to talk to everyone about sports injuries in kids from the emergency medical services, or EMS, perspective. As an EMT or paramedic, what goes through your mind if you’re the responding provider? What if you’re the coach, or the parents, that’s there sitting in the stands, or standing on the sidelines? This is […]

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High School Athletes and Concussions

As an athletic trainer who works at a high school, concussions and other head injuries are always a concern. Like most injuries, concussions are unpredictable and one may not know when one is about to occur. Because of this, athletic trainers should always be prepared to evaluate and treat a possibly concussed athlete. Thanks to […]

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Youth Football Research: The Culture Change

I have been a part of the iTAKL research studying long-term head impacts in youth football players since 2012. At the beginning, we had to spend a lot of time getting to know the parents and kids and convince them why the study was so important. It was a slow start with many weekends spent […]

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